The First Rule of Prop 8 Club

There’s nothing like coming across one of your old ideas only to realize that it’s way past its expiration date. Although the inspiration behind this site is to breathe life back into ideas that were scribbled on bar napkins, scrap pieces of paper, and notebooks I’ve kept throughout the years, so I guess technically there’s no real expiration date.

“The first rule of Prop 8 club is you don’t talk about Prop 8 club,” was something I jotted down as an idea for a sketch, but it never fully came to life. The idea behind “Prop 8 Club” began because I couldn’t stand how arrogant and ridiculous celebrities sounded when they proclaimed they wouldn’t marry until gay couples could marry. Kudos for supporting gay marriage, but seriously get over yourself Brad, Angie, Charlize, and any other person who ever used that line. Did they really think that was standing up to injustice, inequality, the system, the man, or anything for that matter? Is there anyone who really cares if they don’t get married? Were they expecting people on Capitol Hill to make gay marriage a bigger priority in order to fulfill a lifelong goal of looking at the Brangelina wedding album in People magazine?

The other half of the inspiration came from my surprise that so many people in California would actually support a bill to keep gay people from marrying. California is wicked liberal right? The only plausible reason for the support must have been because Brad Pitt really didn’t want to get married to Angelina and was terrified to tell her how terrified of her he was. So he created a “noble” lie about not getting married until gays could and started an underground club comprised of famous unmarried actors in long-term relationships. Kurt Russell, Tim Robbins (he was still with Susan Sarandon when I first thought of this), Stedman Graham, Ricky Gervais,  and the Tyler Durden of “one man, one woman” himself would recruit the non lifetime-committal type men across the Golden State to help support Prop 8 by convincing them it was the only way to never have to propose and still avoid getting that label of being “non-committal.” That’s a plausible explanation… right?

I realize “Prop 8 Club” isn’t very topical anymore so not really sketch worthy either, but it’s at least photoshop-at-the-first-grade-level worthy. And now I can never say, “I can’t believe I never did anything with that idea.”

by Sean Murphy

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