What Jay Z Said To Solange Revealed

Original image © Splash
Original image © Splash

Video footage of Solange Knowles attacking her brother-in-law Jay Z in an elevator has surfaced, leaving many to speculate what the cause of the fight was. Although audio from the incident has not been released, security at The Standard Hotel in NYC has confirmed that it does exist and has provided us with excepts of the transcript.

Apparently, Solange Knowles is an avid lacrosse fan and did not take kindly to Jay Z calling lax players soft in a diss aimed at fellow rapper Drake.

One source tells us that before entering the elevator Solange could be heard saying, “you know my friends are lacrosse players!”

Below are excepts of the argument according security at The Standard.

Solange: Lacrosse players are soft, huh?! What if my arm was made out of titanium and I started smacking you around like this? What are you gonna do then? Oh you’re just going to cower into the corner like that?

Jay Z: It was just a joke!

Solange: What if my fist was traveling over 100 mph and hit you right here? Not so soft anymore, huh?

Jay Z: It’s just rap! Damn, stop taking everything so seriously!

Solange: Now you need a teammate to keep me away from you?! That’s an illegal screen! THAT’S AN ILLEGAL SCREEN! Who’s soft now?!

Jay Z and the Knowles family have declined to comment about the matter.

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