The Hipster Poo Beard Makes Way For The Clean Shaven Yuccie Face

Sometime between early May of 2015 and mid June of 2015, there must have been the biggest meetup ever for young men. Perhaps it was EDC or maybe Bonaroo. But these young men must have gathered in some field to work on their public image.

After a solid decade of being hated on and labeled as hipsters, the coolest-of-the-cool from Portland to Brooklyn were already at the tipping point. Then May 2015 saw the internet world aflutter with articles suggesting that men’s beards were riddled with fecal matter. Major media outlets, BuzzFeed, men’s magazines; everyone was commenting on it.

Now, barely one month after the Great Poo Beard Scare of 2015, the internet is claiming the beard trend is over, and apparently the hipster crowd most often associated with them has rebranded. Dude, yuccies is the preferred nomenclature.

But did their meetup work? Are they safe from the shaming and errant poo particles now? If you self-identify as a hipster or a yuccie, sorry bruh. The world will still look down upon you. But you shaved, so no one is going to question your hygiene anymore, right?

Yes, but think about where those particles are now landing?

Your hipster poo beard is now just a yuckie yuccie face.


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