I’ve been an idea collector most of my life. For years, as a bartender, I jotted down ideas onto bar napkins as they came into my head. Eventually those napkins would get shoved into bedside notebooks that were meant for scribbling down those mid-slumber gems and sheep-countin, drunken epiphanies. The goal was always to take those ideas and expand upon them.

Some of them made their way to a stage. Others made their way into an occasional script or doodle. Unfortunately my penmanship mid-martini pour and pre-pillow drooling is not ideal. So, many of them made absolutely no sense at a second glance and just became a napkin collection.

Dwarfing my poor penmanship problem is my “it’s not ready yet” problem. Many an idea has died on pages seen by my eyes only.

Everything can always use another edit, but sometimes you just need to get it out there and move on to the next thing. The Napkin Collection is all about letting the rough and unpolished see the light of day.


  1. Hi Sean! Just was referred here by Sweet Mother and look forward to reading more! I was totally new to blogging last February, and it definitely took a long time before anyone was following or I felt like I knew what the shizzle was goin’ on. If you ever have any questions, let me know (Julie.Davidoski@yahoo.com). Not that you need any advice from a 30-year-old Jersey girl with a handlebar mustache obsession. I love what I’ve read so far! 🙂

      • You get my vote as well 🙂 A blogger friend of mine did a piece on writing recently that resonates with your ‘just get it out there’ theme except Courtney Bluebird’s mantra is ‘write anyway’. You don’t feel like writing today – write anyway. The words don’t want to flow – write anyway. The words your wrote yesterday didn’t make much sense – write anyway!

        Please keep writing – any way you can 🙂

  2. Another referrant from Sweet Mother. I read your “about” and liked it before I was halfway through. As for being like Octomom, how can you lose with a sea creature’s arms and Angelina Jolie’s lips? Or is that Angelina Jolie’s arms and a sea creature’s lips?

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